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The new Bronte X26 CREE XM-L2 LED flashlight launched!

Are you looking for a cost-effective high quality searching flashlight? The new Bronte X26 flashlight will be your best choice.Besides the light,there are 26650 battery and battery charger together in a kit packing at a unbelievable low price.Come on,let's see more features about the Bronte X26 light torch.

Bronte X26 light torch is adopted in the latest powerful CREE XM-L2 LED, and is compatible with one high performance 26650  Li-ion rechargeable battery. We specially design deep smooth metal reflector for X26, which provide perfect beam shot and long beam shot distance. Medium size and special structure design of X26 light torch provide users very decent hand grip.

Three different brightness levels from 30 Lumen to 900 Lumen,emergency strobe&SOS functions and sturdy structure with stainless steel head attack enable X26 a multi-function flashlight. It’s a high-powered portable flashlight, which is competent with many different tasks.X26 light torch can carry on different tasks like basic outdoor lighting source in camping, hiking,climbing, searching, caving or using as a spare light for automobiles, etc.. You can also keep it as household use emergency light.With the kit packing,high brightness and extremely long runtime,X26 will be your good partner for carrying in any outdoor activities.