We received the flashlights and let me start out by saying that overall they look AMAZING!!!    
--Lurance from USA 

I would like to order some lights. It is not much, but I hope we can grow.I believe in your products!!! 
--Rob From Netherland

Yes you are the best flashlight company in the world!And thats why I love it 
--Gunnar From Sweden

Today I received the new Bronte V1 and V3. Great Flashlight for a excellent price. Keep up the great work guys...Cheers...  
--Rob From Netherland


 I was very impressed with the sturdiness & usability aspect of the Bronte RA20 torch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -By Savvas
I have recently just returned from a 16day camp+trek trip to hills with my girlfriend Ceri where we took the opportunity to have some chill time together after her recent long term illness, which has prevented us for having trips for over a year now.  Before we went, we were going through our kit inventory on the lawn to check for any things we needed, & then a neighbour saw us & we started chatting about his recent SAR tour of Wales in which he is on leave from for couple months. We got talking about our tools that we were taking & asked me if I had good torch, I showed him my large metal one from supermarket & my bag of 20odd D batteries, at this he chuckled alittle, before disappearing for couple of minutes, when he returned, he handed me his pouch with his torch inside & told me to take it for the trip as it would do a much better job than mine, which I thought was very kind.
Initially I was a little hesistant as we knew sometimes he gets called away at a moment's notice, but this time was not to be the case, so we agreed & we were not disappointed with his gear, which more than sufficed for the trip. As he had only used this item during tours & at occasional times with his family, he asked me to let him know how it stands up in its usage for us compared to other methods & conditions, so I thought I would also tell you also about it which may or may not help your feedback programme etc.
On looking at the item before packing, I was like WoW, his RA20 Torch was very stylish, great matt colour & it felt great, & we were both liking it more, practically falling in love with the excellent gear but knew deep down, that we needed a much more practical item such as this, instead of lugging around our huge one because it was a quality product.When we completed packing our rucksacks, we found that having the all our needed items neatly tucked away in separate compartments within the pack is always helpful, but knowing that we didn’t have to make space for the torch & were very impressed by the great compact-ability of the torch, as I was able to attach it onto my belt using the holster.
We both found that using this item was great & were very impressed with the sturdiness & usability aspect of it, The torch was very well manageable, even for Rebecca, who also felt it rather comfortable within her grip & the handle gave her good usabilty . The small compactness of the torch, was truly magnificent, hardly noticed I was carrying it on my belt, very light, but a beast to use, lighting up large areas of the camp area, even from distance when fetching kindling wood.  The casing was very strong & even when it was raining several times, I found the grip still very good. Although Jack had put fresh batteries in it, we only needed to change them once towards the end of our trip, we were both in awe of.  I thought this was fantastic knowing a torch could last this long brilliantly whilst out’n’about, & we used it a lot. At times we had to alternate usage of it, so every now & then I would use the light from the fire while Ceri used the torch & vice-versa.  
Overall throughout our trip we enjoyed using Jacks gear & cannot recommend this item enough to others, in fact I cannot shut up about it,as it so beautifully crafted & is of an exceptional quality standard. Hopefully, one day we may be able to get this item from you for ourselves to use on future trips we will take together as in my eyes, whatever items I use from this day will have to measure up to your wonderful products, I just hope that one day is sooner rather than later.
I want to finish by saying Thank you for designing & making this product which our friend jack & countless others have enjoyed & grown to love & allowing me to send you our input from our trip using your stuff.  If there are any forms of feedback or customer satisfaction etc., you would like me to complete, please get in touch.