RC25S wire remote pressure switch

Bronte wire remote pressure switch is designed for RC25s flashlight,with high and strobe
function. With the high-quality switching components and large press area for convenient
use.It is high sensitivity by clicking to light on.The max stretch wire length is 40cm.It is more
flexible and convenient use by long distance controlling.
Functions: Softy press the switch, it works lasting in high mode and realize to be on or off.
Press for 2s, it can be into the strobe mode. Soft press without loosen for 2s,it can be in high mode again                                                                    
RC25s Remote Pressure Switch                                  
1.net weight of pressure switch: 43.5g
2.stretching length:60cm, shrinking length: 30cm
3.Voltage of pressure switch for RC25S: 3V-9V 

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