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Operation and Maintenance

1.Flashlight turning on/off and operation
A. Rear switch: press to light, re-press to turn off
B. Dimming methods: It can realize cycle dimming: high-Medium-low-strobe
when rapid constantly press the switch or close the switch rapidly.
Notes: Automatic memory function, it can shift the modes within 3-5 seconds
and remember last used setting and will come on at same level as when turn off.

2.Battery installation:
Insert the battery with the anode side (+) toward the light's head
3.Flashlight Operation and Maintenance

1. Please clean the surface of the flashlight with dry soft cloth. Use soft cloth to
clean fingerprints and dust of the lens
2. In order to achieve the best performance of waterproof, please regularly check the
O-ring and apply lubricating grease in the O-ring to extend lifetime. Please replace the
O-ring if they are damaged after using for a long time.
3. Avoid shining the light  into the eyes directly
4. Please take out the battery if the flashlight will not be used for a long time and properly