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High lumen extendable flashlight flexible with 1 or 2 batteries

As a professional flashlight supplier, we are always trying our best to find balances between design, function and convenience.
Generally, the short tube body flashlights are easily carrying and operated. While long tube body flashlights can run more time as they have more batteries or higher volume batteries. Our flexible flashlight Bronte V2 has perfectly solved the problem of runtime and convenience.
The formal size of this portable flashlight is 93*23*19.4mm/3.66*0.91*0.77 inch

However, one extra battery extension tube can be added on to prolong the flashlight with 1 more batteries.
With this additional tube, the runtime can be doubled with constant brightness.
  Low Middle High Strobe
Output 10LM 220LM 500LM 9HZ
Runtime(1 battery) 60H 4H 45Min  
Runtime(2 batteries) 115H 7.5H 80Min  
This extension tube and extra battery can be detached from this flexible Flashlight and put into pocket for emergency use.

This one is same as Magnetic flashlights V1 and V2. It also has a magnetic tail cap to attach on metal items.
Therefore, your hands can be released freely for other works.