Bronte led flashlight - Combination of high power, exquisite workmanship,modern components 

and the exploitation of the fines quality materials.Top quality CREE LEDs All aluminum CNC 

construction, rust proof, water and shock resistant, ideal for 


Flashlight body:

Alumium body is strong, light weight and meets the demands of all professionals.

Used materials:Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061 T6, titanium TC4 and Stainless steel.


LED Light Source:

Bronte flashlight use the LED's are all made by USA company -CREE and The life span of Cree LED usually is 50000 hours.


Bronte flashlight Reflector:

Alumium reflector with special coating technology enables the optimal usage of the light provided Cree led.


Bronte flashlight Glass:

Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-scratch & durable features provides the best solution for powerful led flashlight . Heat Proof glass enables long time operation in and out of the water.


Light output:

All flashlights use a powerful and reliable output with long durability.


Bronte flashlight Packing :

Bronte flashlight are packed in the nice gift box with optional belt pouch. 

Optional- plastic case.


Main Benefits of Bronte flashlights:

-All types of flashlights are design for extreme conditions

-All types of flashlights are our original design

-All type of flashlights are promised two years product guarantee




Q:Are you a factory or trading company ?
A:We are a factory and “Bronte” brand owner.
Q:Can I get a sample ?
A: We are please to offer sample . Please contact us for further information.

Q: Can I throw Bronte flashlight ?
A: It depends on the height . It is OK within 2 meters. We had two years product warranty if broken

Q:What is material of Bronte flashlight ?
A:Most of our flashlight are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with premium type Ⅲ hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
Few of them are made of Stainless steel and taitanium alloy.

Q:How do I get the warranty service ?
A: Please contact your local Brontelight agent. 
If you don’t have a local agent , please contact us and we provide with you 100% satisfaction service. 
Q:Is Bronte flashlight waterproof ?
A: YES , It is waterproof to IP-8 standard (under water 2 meters) according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1 .
Q:What type of LED's are used in Bronte flashlight ?

A:Bronte flashlight use the LED's are all made by USA company -CREE.
Q:what is the LED life for Bronte flashlight
A:  The life span of Cree LED usually is 50000 hours.
Q:What is 18650 battery?
A:1.The name 18650 means that the battery has a diameter of 18mm and is 65mm long, 
but when a protection circuit is added the battery will be a few mm longer. How much 
longer will depend on the actual protection circuit and how it is mounted. 
2.18650 battery has two types: 18650 lithium-ion battery and 18650 nickel-metal hydride battery .
3. The Voltage and capacity specifications:
The voltage of 18650 nickel-metal hydride battery is 1.2V and capacity is 4500MAH
The voltage of 18650 lithium-ion battery is 3.6v and capacity is from 1500mah -3100MAH.