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Compact 150 Lumen 4 modes CREE XP-G2 LED Mini Keychain Flashlight is launched

When traveling and adventuring outdoors you’re sure to find yourself in situations when you need a powerful light.From walking back to your lodging after the sun goes down to packing your bag in the middle of the night while staying in a hostel. Having a small and bright light source is a great tool to carry along on your travels and have at hand for day-to-day use. The colorful powerful keychain flashlight Bronte BT01 is small and lightweight, making it ideal for travel,Backpacking and outdoor adventures.

Bronte BT01 is only 66mm length that make it so small to attach with the keychains. A removable pocket clip makes for easy carry or securing inside a interior pocket.

It offers a high level of light output and is easily actuated with its twistable headswitch. This mini keychain flashlight offers several light modes (med, low,high,strobe) with a max output of 150 lumens. This is bright enough for almost any user.

The flashlight features OP reflector that ensures a beam is evenly dispersed and high-quality for both long and close-range use. The weather-resistant keychain flashlight with various light output modes can meet your different illumination.