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1420M CREE XHP35 HI LED Longshot Flashligh BT31 was officially released

A powerful flashlight is very in need for outdoor activities. So it is very strict to chose a good flashlight to meet all demands. High brightness and long range beam distance is basic factor when you choose a good flashlight.

Do you find that the flashlight is very powerful while the beam distance is not far enough? At the same, do you find that the flashlight is long range beam distance but the brightness is not enough? Do you need prepare 2 different flashlights to meet such demands? The answer is not. Because just one BT31 powerful flashlight can meet all your demands.
Bronte BT31 is a powerful super long-ranger throw  flashlight due to the relatively deep large reflector combined with high performance CREE XHP35 HI Led. This middle size compact flashlight with a removable handle is user-friendly and convenient for operation. There are switches both on the tail and handle which can operate the flashlight separately.Bronte BT31 has three lighting modes (Low-Middle-High) and strobe function to meet your different illumination needs. It is perfect for camping,searching,caving,warning,Emergencies, Security and Rescue.
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